What is PHP? Introduction to PHP

What is PHP? Introduction to PHP

Generally, PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is a popular open source server side scripting language which are used for develope dynamic webpages. It is a set of perl script which is known as the “Personal Home Page” tool. PHP is created by Rasmus lerdorf in 1995.
Originally, PHP 4.0 is realised in june 1998 with some object oriented features. Facebook was developed primarily using PHP. The software which are needed to run the PHP program they are-

What is PHP? Introduction to PHP
  • •NAMP- (window os, apache server , mysql ,dbms, php
  • •LAMP- (linux os, apache server , mysql ,dbms, php)
  • •MAMP- ( Mac os, apache server , mysql ,dbms, php)
  • •XAMPP- (cross platform, apache server , maria DB, php, perl)
  • A php file carries the php tags and also ends with the extension “.php” ie- filename.php

What is Script?

Script is a set of instructions for webpages which are executed without compilationWhy PHP is used?

  • Generally, there are huge amount of server side scripting available like SSJS, ASP, JSP etc.
  • It is platform independent.
  • Basically PHP involves using with database or it is simplicity in scripting.
  • PHP is well advanced for the response times which are needed for web applications.

Features of PHP :

  • • simplicity
  • • security
  • • loosely typed language
  • • platform independent
  • • flexibility
  • • opensource
  • • interpreted

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