What is PHP? Introduction to PHP

What is PHP? Introduction to PHP

PHP is an acronym for hypertext preprocessor. It is a well-known server-side scripting language that is open source and used to create dynamic websites. It is a collection of Perl scripts that are used to create “Personal Home Pages.” Rasmus Lerdorf invented PHP in 1995.
PHP 4.0 was first released in June 1998 and included some object-oriented features. PHP was primarily used in the creation of Facebook. The programmes that are required to run the PHP programme include:

What is PHP? Introduction to PHP
  • •NAMP- (window os, apache server , mysql ,dbms, php
  • •LAMP- (linux os, apache server , mysql ,dbms, php)
  • •MAMP- ( Mac os, apache server , mysql ,dbms, php)
  • •XAMPP- (cross platform, apache server , maria DB, php, perl)
  • A php file carries the php tags and also ends with the extension “.php” ie- filename.php

What is Script?

Script is a set of instructions for webpages which are executed without compilationWhy PHP is used?

  • Generally, there are huge amount of server side scripting available like SSJS, ASP, JSP etc.
  • It is platform independent.
  • Basically PHP involves using with database or it is simplicity in scripting.
  • PHP is well advanced for the response times which are needed for web applications.

Features of PHP :

  • • simplicity
  • • security
  • • loosely typed language
  • • platform independent
  • • flexibility
  • • opensource
  • • interpreted

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